Team & Individual Flourishment

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Bridges demonstrate the ultimate power of connection. Connecting people and ideas. Bringing together cultures.

Bridges create long lasting connections, well beyond the original architect and builders construction project. When connections are made, obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome diminish.

B2W will help individuals and teams remove those obstacles and increase the wellbeing for the benefit of everyone. Working closely with you and your team to build a wellbeing mindset that lasts, well beyond our time together.

B2W for Individuals

Coaching services for leaders and executives that are searching for clarity, daring to be authentic and ready to give up the status quo for the sake of thriving.

B2W for Organizations

Leadership development, speaking, facilitating, group coaching and culture hacking services for organizations that are ready to put humans above profit and relationships ahead of winning.


Humans have been striving for centuries to source wellbeing. Today, possibly more than ever, we experience increased struggles in our work and personal lives. And often we go searching for the one answer. I believe wellbeing is a journey that can be unique for each organization and individual; and requires an approach that addresses five key dimensions: Physical, Mental, Social, Professional and Metaphysical. Explore my blog on the five dimensions of wellbeing to learn more.

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About B2W Founder

Julie Foxcroft brings over 25 years of corporate experience, over 600 hours of professional coaching and mentoring, and hundreds of leadership training and facilitation events. Julie’s authentic leadership brings mountains of courage, endless optimism and caring radical candour, making her one of the most engaging facilitators of change.


Interested to find out more about how Bridge2Wellbeing can be of service to you, your team or your organization? Feel free to reach out to the founder directly or submit a message through the Contact button below.


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