Feedback That Inspires

A key step to creating high-performance teams. I have often quoted George Bernard Shaw when working with teams to improve collaboration and overall performance ‘The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place’. And in my experience, there are two specific areas of communication in the workplace need the mostContinue reading “Feedback That Inspires”

Isn’t Everyone Scared of Snakes

I recently returned from a trip of a lifetime in South Africa. If you are the kind of person who likes listening to someone talk at nausea about how amazing their last vacation was feel free to reach out separately. I won’t do that here. But I do want to share with you a shortContinue reading “Isn’t Everyone Scared of Snakes”

Sharing Your Struggling Creates Connection

I have a bad habit of not wanting to appear weak. Particularly in front of the people closest to me. Unless I can turn it into a joke or have the success story to go with it then stoicism is the default play. Which I have learned gets me the exact thing that I mostContinue reading “Sharing Your Struggling Creates Connection”

What I Learned the Week of June 17th, 2022

From Podcasts – Heartwarming & Funny Smartless 100th anniversary with Bradley Cooper This is a super heartfelt podcast. While I’m not nearly as big of a fan of Smartless as I was when I first was introduced to it, this is one that reminds me of what I was initially drawn to about it inContinue reading “What I Learned the Week of June 17th, 2022”

What I Learned the Week of June 10th, 2022

From a Podcast – Lamorne Morris Quitters – A noticeable shift from the first few episodes. While I enjoyed each of the original, and they certainly still stand out as unique from other podcasts, there was still something that was noticeably different. And Chad actually spoke to it in his “post” intro to theContinue reading “What I Learned the Week of June 10th, 2022”

What I Learned the Week of June 3rd, 2022

From a Podcast – Chad Sanders This week I discovered a new author and podcast that I have fallen in love with. Chad Sanders was interviewed on Armchair Expert in 2021 and on a complete fluke I listened to that episode. I love how these moments happen. I was trying to find a completely differentContinue reading “What I Learned the Week of June 3rd, 2022”

What I Learned the Week of May 27th, 2022

This week I must admit I struggled quite a bit with being in this world. I found I was not listening to as many podcasts or engaged on social media. Or what I was engaged in were things that just left me heartbroken. And my reading was mostly fiction. When I went to reflect onContinue reading “What I Learned the Week of May 27th, 2022”

What I Learned the Week of May 20th, 2022

Warning: This blog is intended to evoke curiosity, however if for any reason it unintentionally evokes shame then I sincerely apologize for that impact. From Podcasts – Logic Doesn’t Always Win Dax Shepard Arm Chair Expert – Molly Shannon – Really appreciated so much about what this conversation had to offer. I had very littleContinue reading “What I Learned the Week of May 20th, 2022”

What’s Killing Collaboration? It’s Not What You Think.

First, why is collaboration important? Leaders and organizations have been pushing the goal for collaboration for decades. Sometimes with great urgency and enthusiasm but too often without a real plan for how to make it happen. Through no fault of their own. Motivation for collaboration has been both a desire for something that just soundsContinue reading “What’s Killing Collaboration? It’s Not What You Think.”

What I Learned the Week of May 13th, 2022

 Pod Casts – Birds Aren’t Real Armchaired & Dangerous interview with David Farrier who is a New Zealand journalist and actor. I went into this podcast not sure what to expect. I had heard of the conspiracy theory about “birds aren’t real” somewhere in passing, probably on a late-night show reference from Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert as theyContinue reading “What I Learned the Week of May 13th, 2022”

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