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“If you hang out with Julie for too long she will brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything.”

Stephen Greene, Associate Partner @IBM
Wellbeing Leadership Coaching

6-month Coaching Package – What You Get

  • 2-hours of 1:1 coaching a month
  • Text & email support
  • Increased clarity on your professional & personal goals
  • Strategic support to tame your saboteurs, amplify your strengths and successfully establish boundaries
  • Radical candor, with tactical guidance for building new habits that serve your long-term growth and dreams
Together we will do hard things with ease and laughter. I promise!
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Co-creating to design your authentic leadership for impact and sustainability

Months 1 & 2
  • In month 1 you will complete B2W Discovery Packet so that we can assess your current state of wellbeing, your saboteurs, and other general personality traits. These will serve as our guide to future activities.
  • In sessions 1 & 2 we will focus on creating clarity on your values, interests, key relationships and desired impact.
  • In month 2 you will complete a quantitative strength assessment using science-based tools to understand your motives, where and how you are in conflict and your strengths in working relationships.
  • In sessions 3 & 4 we will begin to create your future persona and the start of a roadmap for the journey to make this a reality.
Months 3 & 4
  • In month 3 will continue persona building as we debrief the quantitative strength assessment.
  • In sessions 5 & 6 we will focus on your motives and strengths. How are these showing up in your life today? Where are they potentially being overdone? What is needed to amplify?
  • In month 4 we will solidify your persona and validate what done looks like.
  • In sessions 7 & 8 we will focus on potential roadblocks along the way and how to remove or navigate around them. We will look at your behaviours in conflict and establish an action plan to reduce the costs of conflict.
Month 5 & 6
  • In month 5 we will focus on your detailed wellbeing roadmap to guide your journey.
  • You will focus on taking meaningful action on that journey. I will focus on celebrating the positive and holding you accountable to your dreams. No excuses. Only hard truths for us to examine together for learning.
  • In month 6 we will focus on any final challenges where you need my support and define the support structures you need for the rest of your journey.
  • Throughout this journey, we will use a virtual whiteboard to capture your roadmap and progress. Your virtual whiteboard and assessment reports will remain yours to keep.

Other 1:1 Coaching Options: 4-Hour Discovery Deep Dive for those who are ready to jump into the deep end and then leverage that clarity to build your customized development & coaching program; AND/OR Hourly Coaching sessions to tackle a specific challenge/goal at a pace that works for you. There is a minimum commitment of six sessions for new clients.


“Julie is a coach that allows her clients the container of the Grand Canyon to grow and be. She can handle a client’s deep challenges as well as their broadest visions for development. With a heart for hearing hidden emotions behind words and intuition to bring images to life, she is excellent for visual learners. She specifically knows how to stay with a client in tough moments, allowing another human being to discover for themselves the gifts of the highs and lows of life’s journey.” – Angela, Los Angeles California USA

Video Testimonial from three of Julie’s past clients

Let’s do hard things together.

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