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Past Webinar Events

Wellbeing in Hybrid /Remote Workplace

Are you feeling unsure about your hybrid and/or remote workplace practices? Learn strategies from companies that were 100% remote before the pandemic. Discover what strategies leading companies are experimenting with. Where are thought leaders in workplace culture agreeing and differing in advice. Segment 1 – How is Wellbeing Impacted. Segment 2 – Leading Practices. Segment 3 – Ask Me Anything.

From Burnout to Resilient

Burnout is in every workplace conversation but do we actually know what it is? More importantly, do we understand its antidote resiliency? Segment 1 will cover Burnout Basics. Segment 2 we will discover how to create more resiliency. And Segment 3 is Ask Me Anything.

Your Coaching ?’s Answered

Experiencing FOMO that you don’t have your own professional coach AND you are not even sure what coaching really is? Fear no more!! This learning event covered the basics of coaching (i.e., how is it different from mentoring, therapy; and what is the value of coaching) and then we “got real” and discussed what does a coaching conversation really look like, are you coaching, where to find a coach, how to pick a coach, how much $$, etc.

Relationship Intelligence (RQ)

Increase your EQ, collaboration and conflict management skills with Relationship Intelligence (RQ) and SDI 2.0 Digital Platform. Segment 1 covered RQ basics. Segment 2 provided a demo of the SDI 2.0 Platform.

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