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B2W Key Philosophies

All of the services provided are based on three key philosophies, leveraging skills and resources inspired from each.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the study of what makes individuals and communities flourish rather than languish. It has a heritage that goes back thousands of years to roots in Greek philosophy and was delineated as a field in the science of psychology in 1998 by Martin Seligman, often described as the founder. Positive Psychology offers many tools to foster change and has produced a body of empirical evidence from researchers, clinicians and thought leaders on what is needed to flourish. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, provides further insights into peak performance with his work on  FLOW.

Coaching Psychology

Coaching psychology is helping individuals reach their goals using theoretical grounded and scientifically validated techniques. There are several coaching models that have been created over the past few decades. In a coaching relationship, whether through individuals or teams, we leverage a variety of skills that at first glance might appear like everyday skills, however, coaches are known to possess them as superpowers. Fierce, active listening; Cognitive Empathy; Use of metaphors and thought-provoking questions to create new perspectives; Removing assumptions through clean language and challenging the stories we tell ourselves.


Human-centred design is a philosophy pioneered in the late 1950s by John E. Arnold, a professor at Stanford University. It is commonly referred to today as Design Thinking and essentially the obsessive focus on the human perspective in solution design. We leverage human-centred design by working with organizations to create systems and experiences where individuals and teams can flourish. Leveraging advanced group facilitation skills, including the humans most impacted, we build empathy; create contextual clarity; develop bold, simple, action-oriented ideas to be implemented in teams and organizations.

B2W for Individuals

Coaching services for leaders and executives that are searching for clarity, daring to be authentic and ready to give up the status quo for the sake of thriving.

B2W for Organizations

Speaking, facilitating, group coaching and culture hacking services for organizations that are ready to put humans above profit and relationships ahead of winning.

“Julie is a people activator, a trusted advisor and a mentor. She has a gift for creating a safe environment around her that allows individuals to connect with her.”

— Farhang Farid, Partner IBM Consulting

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