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The research confirming leaders’ importance in organizational culture continues to grow and more so as organizations are navigating hybrid work strategies. Your leaders Relationship Intelligence (TM) is more important than ever.

B2W will take your leadership team through a science-based quantitative assessment to help your team understand their motives, conflict challenges, strengths and overdone strengths; and integrate this wisdom into their daily working relationships. 

Results Through Relationships
SDI 2.0 Assessment Overview

Sample 6-Month Package

  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0) personality assessments, based on Relationship Awareness Theory, for each of your leadership team members
  • Introduction to the overall program workshop event, including review of evidence-based positive psychology research supporting the program as well as overview of the SDI assessment tool
  • Four individual coaching sessions for each of your leaders with a professional certified coach
  • Three group coaching sessions with pre-defined teams
  • Access to SDI digital platform, mobile & desktop, for each leadership team member
  • Detail assessments for each leader of their workplace situational strengths, motivations and how their behavior changes in conflict situations
  • Individual debriefing of each leader’s results and coach support for creating a development and accountability plan
  • Facilitated group debriefing of overall team results, leading to team development and accountability plan
  • Encouragement of inclusion of diverse leadership styles
  • Common language that leaders can use as they collaborate
  • Innovation sparked through more meaningful conversations
  • Reduction of the costs of conflict between leadership team and those they lead
  • Increased opportunity for culture change and success in both traditional, hybrid and 100% remote workforces

The overall timeline can be accelerated depending on the size of your team and overall team availability.

  • Month 1 – Introduction Workshop + leadership team provided access to SDI tool to complete assessments + 1st individual coaching session for each team member reviewing their individual results
  • Month 2 – 1st group coaching reviewing team results
  • Month 3 – 2nd individual coaching session
  • Month 4 – 2nd group coaching + 3rd individual coaching session
  • Month 5 – 4th individual coaching session
  • Month 6 – Final group coaching

Workshops and coaching can be provided virtually, in person or combination of both.

Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.

Seth Godin, Tribes – We Need You to Lead Us

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