Every Complaint is a Hidden Request – 30 Day Challenge

I have recently started a practice of listening to The Daily Stoic podcast. Today’s has sparked a challenge for me and I have decided it would be fun to invite others in on the challenge. Fun for me.😉 30 Days of No Complaining. The premise is that you take something like a beaded bracelet (couldContinue reading “Every Complaint is a Hidden Request – 30 Day Challenge”

Every Human Deserves to Feel Good About Themselves

This morning I listened to a couple of people in the entertainment business talking and one of them said “every human deserves to laugh and have fun”. I thought to myself of course that’s true and hence one of the values that entertainers bring to the world. This made me think about my value andContinue reading “Every Human Deserves to Feel Good About Themselves”

Isn’t Everyone Scared of Snakes

I recently returned from a trip of a lifetime in South Africa. If you are the kind of person who likes listening to someone talk at nausea about how amazing their last vacation was feel free to reach out separately. I won’t do that here. But I do want to share with you a shortContinue reading “Isn’t Everyone Scared of Snakes”

Sharing Your Struggling Creates Connection

I have a bad habit of not wanting to appear weak. Particularly in front of the people closest to me. Unless I can turn it into a joke or have the success story to go with it then stoicism is the default play. Which I have learned gets me the exact thing that I mostContinue reading “Sharing Your Struggling Creates Connection”

What’s Killing Collaboration? It’s Not What You Think.

First, why is collaboration important? Leaders and organizations have been pushing the goal for collaboration for decades. Sometimes with great urgency and enthusiasm but too often without a real plan for how to make it happen. Through no fault of their own. Motivation for collaboration has been both a desire for something that just soundsContinue reading “What’s Killing Collaboration? It’s Not What You Think.”

Meet Julie Foxcroft

“Stay true in the dark and humble in the spotlight.” Harold B. Lee CORPORATE EXPERIENCE IBM Canada | 22* Years Employee Engagement Program Manager & Leadership Coach & Advisor In 2016, Julie established the first employee engagement program for the IBM Consulting business unit of 3,000 employees. As the program manager, she had the responsibilityContinue reading “Meet Julie Foxcroft”

5 Dimensions of Wellbeing

Humans have been striving for centuries to source wellbeing, to find relief for the struggles we experience in our work and personal lives. Often we go searching for “one” answer only to find there is no one answer. In fact, there is no one definition of wellbeing. I hope this blog provides useful information as wellContinue reading “5 Dimensions of Wellbeing”

Living Your Best Life Requires Getting Comfortable with Guilt

My closest friends all tell me I work too much. And when I hear this I feel two things. First I feel something close to indignation and despair that this is just how it is if you want to be successful. Then I feel a twinge of sadness and resentment that maybe that’s not trueContinue reading “Living Your Best Life Requires Getting Comfortable with Guilt”

Why Trust Needs Intimacy

In any organization or group of people where teamwork and the reaching high performance is a potential desire, the topic of trust will inevitably arise. As such I have had the pleasure to engage in this topic several times in my work as an executive coach. When given the opportunity I often lean into theContinue reading “Why Trust Needs Intimacy”

Beware of Silent Ninja Coaching

It all started with Monica. She’s a silent ninja coach that I met a little over a week ago. I was assisting in a coaching course and she was coaching me. Her job was to push her client (me) to the point of being fired. In other words to really challenge me. I can’t recallContinue reading “Beware of Silent Ninja Coaching”

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